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How did Lord Krishna die?
As the legend goes, sage Durvasa had asked Lord Krishna to apply 'Payasam' (kheer) all over his body. He cursed Lord Krishna for not applying 'Payasam' on his feet. Gandhari also cursed Lord Krishna for deliberately not stopping the Battle of Kurukshetra that caused the death of her sons. When Krishna was meditating underneath a tree, a hunter - Jara mistook Krishna for a deer and shot an arrow that proved fatal for Lord Krishna. Interestingly, Jara is said to be an incarnation of Bali, who was killed unfairly by Lord Rama (the previous incarnation of Lord Krishna).
Quark by Prachi
5 July, 2020
Why Lord Krishna is known as Makhan Chor?
Lord Krishna always loved homemade butter churned by his mother, Yashoda. Also, his childhood friends were poor, who starved for food. So, Krishna mischievously took butter from different houses. The 'Gopis' were, however, fond of Krishna's stealing of butter. Devotees prayed to Krishna and longed to offer butter as their token of love. This way 'Lord Krishna' engaged them to keep thinking of him. Thus, he is known as Makhan Chor. Since then, Dahi-Handi ritual is celebrated, where devotees climb on each other to break the Dahi-Handi.
Quark by Satabdi
3 July, 2020
Why is Rakshabandhan celebrated?
There are various stories behind the celebration of the Raksha Bandhan. One of the famous stories is of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. Once, Lord Krishna hurt his finger during a war. Seeing this, Draupadi tore a strip of her saree and tied around his wounded finger. Lord Krishna valued her sisterly love and promised to repay his gratitude in future. Years later, when Karauvas attempted Drapaudi's 'Vastraharan' (disrobing), then Lord Krishna protected her dignity with his divine powers. Another story is of Alexander's wife, who tied rakhi to King Puru to refrain him from the war against Alexander.
Quark by Satabdi
29 June, 2020
What are Urim and Thummim?
These are two stones worn on the breastplates by high priests in ancient times to predict good and bad omens. The breastplates were tied around the neck with golden chains and ornamented with 12 shiny gem-stones, resembling the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. Urim implied 'guilty' while Thummim implied 'innocent'; hence these divine stones were used to judge sinners. In the book Alchemist, it was Melchizedek who gives it to Santiago as the fortune-telling stones so that he can use it during his journey to the pyramids.
Quark by Ashmita
21 June, 2020
Who won - Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu?
According to Indian mythology, once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu started arguing about their powers. During this heated discussion, an elongated pillar flared up in front of them. They decided to find the starting point and ending point of the pillar. Lord Brahma turned into a swan and flew up to find the tip, while Lord Vishnu turned into a boar and started digging the roots. The tip and bottom of this column were never-ending. They both lost, and Lord Shiva appeared in front of them. They understood the depth of Shiva’s power.
Quark by Satabdi
11 June, 2020
Why is Medusa's head upside-down?
An upside-down structure of Medusa found in the Basilica Cistern of Istanbul is of mysterious origin. Medusa was the only mortal among the three Gorgon sisters - depicted in Greek mythology as a winged female monster with living venomous snakes in the place of hair. Goddess Athena cursed her for breaking the vow of celibacy in Athena's Temple when the sea God Poseidon fell in love with her. Athena transformed Medusa’s hair into serpents that made her look so terrible to behold that it would turn onlookers into stone.
Quark by Satabdi
8 June, 2020
Why is 666 considered to be the devil's number?
The number 666 doesn't really have any remarkable mathematical purpose, but rather means a name. The name of the coming Antichrist. Giving a number to a name is called 'gematria', a Greek practice of adding up the letters in someone's name. Although it's quite easy to take a name and turn it into a number, it is much harder to do the reverse. Many historians consider the Roman Emperor Nero to be the “antichrist” of Revelation 13 because the total of his name is 666 and also because he inflicted Antichrist-like horror upon the Christians of the first century.
Quark by Abhik
7 June, 2020
Why did the Sphinx kill herself?
Sphinx is a monster with the head of a human and body of a lion. Once, the Sphinx encountered Oedipus and asked, "Which creature has four feet at dawn, two feet in the afternoon, and three feet at dusk?” He answered, “Man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two as an adult, and when old needs a walking stick.” The Sphinx asked the next riddle, "There are two sisters; one gives birth to the other, who in turn gives birth to the first. Who are they?" Oedipus replied, "Day and night”. Being defeated, the Sphinx killed herself.
Quark by Satabdi
29 May, 2020
Who could end the Mahabharata war in one minute?
Barbarik. The grandson of Bheem and son of Ghatotkach had three magical arrows given by the Gods that could erase an entire race in a minute. He promised his Guru that he will always fight for the losing party in a war. Lord Krishna understood Barbarik’s invincible power. The team where he is not present will be the losing party. Thus, he would paradoxically oscillate between both sides. First, he will fight for Pandavas, kill all Kauravas and then kill all Pandavas! So, Krishna asked for his 'head' to stop him, else he would have killed everyone in the Mahabharta to keep his promise.
Quark by Abhigyan
11 May, 2020
How did Dronacharya die?
In the battle of Kurukshetra, after the death of Bheeshma, Drona was the commander-in-chief of the Kauravas and is a quite fearless leader. His only weakness is his son Aswathama. So Krishna comes up with a plan to get rid of Drona. Bheem kills an elephant called Aswathama and the next day in the battle, Yudhisthira yells Aswathama Hatha Kunjaraha. He actually says the words 'Aswathama Hatha' in a loud voice and 'Kunjaraha' in a low volume that Drona couldn't hear. What that means is an elephant called Aswathama is murdered. Not knowing that Drona is distracted and that is when he gets killed.
Quark by Rohith
26 April, 2020