Cancellation And Refund:

Refund Policy

In case you purchased a product/service by mistake or wish for its termination post purchase, kindly inform it to us within 24 hours of purchasing a course by writing it to us at '[email protected]' or '[email protected]'. 98% of your money will be refunded. Note that if you write for refund to us within 48 hours, then you will be refunded with 95% of your money. After 48 hours of purchasing a course, your refund request for the same will not be entertained. As soon as you request for refund within the stipulated window of time, we would initiate your refund and it will be credited to you within 7 business days. Also, as soon as we receive your refund request within the stipulated period of time, you will no longer be able to continue using that particluar product/service.

Cancellation Policy

After purchasing a course, you can request for its termination, and according to the above mentioned refund policy, you will be refunded accordingly if you requested within the stipulated amount of time. Thereafter, no cancellation or refund requests will be entertained.